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Collective Wisdom – Part 2

I am now back in Victoria, and have had a busy practice day, followed by a two meetings. The first meeting was with other practitioner members of the Victoria¬†Community Health Co-operative, and the latter was with an osteopathic practitioner colleague, … Continue reading

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Collective Wisdom Initiative – Part 1

I began reading a wonderful book today: The Power of COLLECTIVE WISDOM and the trap of collective folly – by Briskin, Erikson, Ott and Callanan. My dear friend, Rod Punnett, has been urging me to read this book for several … Continue reading

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Healing Civilization

I have just read a life-altering book: Healing Civilization by Claudio Naranjo.

we probably have only one generation in which to turn around the basic drives and values that run how we live on this little Blue Planet. I would agree that the first and most foremost task in that turnaround is a joint commitment to shift our Education of children toward learning how to simply Be, rather than to become “productive members of society”as it presently exists. Continue reading

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Musings from Here and Now

For some weeks now, I have been getting intuitive impulses to write of the many different but related threads to my life and practice. Since these threads all seem to be pointing in roughly the same direction it feels like I can only make good sense of what is emerging by writing it out in this manner. Continue reading

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