About Howard Dieno

Thanks for visiting my blog site.

I am passionately interested in how I can become more conscious, more compassionate and more empathetic – in all the arenas of my life.

I am in private practice as an osteopath – or what we presently call here in British Columbia, Canada, an osteopathic practitioner. More can be discerned about my work in that domain on my main website: http://www.dieno.ca

I am delighted to presently host, and participate in, a joint exploration called The Presence Project. To view a few short video clips of inquiries between Rod Punnett (the man responsible for devising and refining the technology, expertise and experience behind the project) and myself, go here: web.mac.com/hdieno/

I am very involved with the Victoria Community Health Co-operative (VCHC), having been on its Steering Committee, its Founding Board of Directors and numerous committees. I have been one of a group of people devising curricula (and then teaching that material) for a pilot project called “Back to Basics”. That program has been offered to students at Victoria’s Central Middle School. The Basics we are teaching the students about refer to a kind of owners manual for their body-minds. So far the modules have introduced information and experience in the three areas of Eating, Moving and Breathing. In each of those areas guest instructors like myself have given the students some introductory information on the basic anatomy and physiology of the systems behind that aspect of their functioning, and then we have moved into some exploration of their experience as it relates to Eating, Moving and Breathing. For example, we discovered that how, when and at what pace or rate we eat, can have almost as much influence on our bodies as what we actually consume.

At the time of writing this (early July 2010) the VCHC is about to open a integrative clinic that is unique in Canada. The VCHC is co-operating with Victoria’s James Bay Community Project to provide a primary care health centre (including publicly funded family physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, midwives) complemented by access to mental health care, disease prevention, health education and complementary and alternative practitioners – all as an integrative approach to health care. That new clinic should be opening soon. You can check here for more current information: victoriahealthcooperative.ca

I am very interested in and nourished by music. I sing with Victoria’s Gettin’ Higher Choir, and I am gradually returning to playing more music (mostly guitar and singing) with other people. I am not a great player, but the sharing in and of musical exploration is not only pleasurable and entertaining, it helps me grow in the ways I spoke of at the beginning of this short bio.

3 Responses to About Howard Dieno

  1. Marcus Webb says:

    Hi H,
    We should establish blog links.
    Mine is at http://hadleywoodhealthcare.wordpress.com

  2. Dear Howard,
    Thank you for your beautiful picture of Jehane. She was my godmother and I was named after her. In our family she was known as Big Jehane and I as Little Jehane. She was exceptional in so many ways. I was booked to visit her this weekend in the carehome. I hope your mother’s passing is peaceful. Maybe we will communicate in the future. I know Jehane’s time in the Canadian wilderness was supremely important to her.
    Yours, little Jehane

  3. Pat Meyer says:

    Hello Howard ~ I was the “cat-sitter” for Jehane and Molly on Amorgos in the summer for almost 25 years while they were away either in Canada or England. I have so many wonderful memories of my time there and knowing both of these remarkable women changed my life. Pat Meyer

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