A Forced Break

Right now, I need to keep this entry short, but I will be posting more over the coming days.

I am beginning the recovery / recuperation phase after a sudden and shocking health crisis. Nine days ago I was up on my friend Rod’s roof helping him,  and another friend of his, Scott, strip five layers of old shingle off of one side of the roof on the main part of Rod and Wendy’s house. I ended up way over doing in terms of physical demand, and I paid for it by feeling very stiff and sore for a few days following that. Then I got the early signs of a cold. Instead of easily shucking the cold in a day or two, as per my usual pattern, it escalated into a hacking bronchitic cough. I cancelled clients on Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. When I woke Friday I could hardly walk (at first) because of pain in my feet and ankles. This eased off some and I managed to still do a series of interviews of practitioners for our new health co-op clinic. I then had a wonderful dinner and visit with friends Friday evening. Saturday morning was when the alarming signs and symptoms showed up. My hands, wrists knees, ankles and feet were all incredibly stiff and painful and much of the surface of my limbs and trunk were covered in Hives. I also had an unreachable chill in my core. Fortunately, I was able to get in to see Dr. Shoshana Scott – who happened to be among the people I was interviewing the day before.

Dr. Scott was very helpful and astute. It turned out that a dental abscess that I have been delaying getting surgical treatment for, but for which I had recently finished a course of antibiotics, had found a more systemic way to manifest. I was given two homeopathic remedies to take alternately for the first few days. They have already made a huge difference to how I feel. I am to remain on bed rest for the whole next week, however.

So, I will be able to share more about what I am learning from this process and of the rest of the present flow of Life over the next few days.

May all of you reading this be reminded that good health, healing and happiness are so much based upon being Present, Mindful, Respectful of our own needs.

I have this next week to let that powerfully sit with me.

About Howard Dieno

I am very interested in dialectic inquiry, and in any and all avenues to enhance communication and co-operation amongst people and groups. I am in private practice as an osteopathic practitioner in Victoria, BC, Canada
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1 Response to A Forced Break

  1. Guadalupe Buchwald says:

    Dear Howard,
    Just back from Haida Gwaii, and catching up.
    I am sorry to hear of your health trials, this reminds me that our biggest challenges, are also our greatest opportunities. I have heard from you before about being present with my health, happiness, and healing; I have found myself remiss in the past, and I am correcting it right now.
    Living in Haida Gwaii with a group of people that indeed live in the present, are happy to serve, and connected with health and healing, has renewed my intention in being joyfully preset, and in community living.
    Get well dear friend, and take good care. Thanks for sharing, Guadalupe.

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