A Dear Friend is ‘Gone’

Jehane in Kolofana, Amorgos, Greece May 2006

Here is one of my favourite photos of my very dear friend, Jehane West, who died yesterday. The  pic was taken on a rare occasion when she would allow me to point my camera in her direction.

Jehane was such a remarkable being. She shared with so many her clear and emphatic perspective on any aspect of Life, with passion, humour and honesty – and she did so with the wisdom and beauty of her poetry, and her Presence.

Jehane was a great mentor and teacher to me; always recommending the path of lightness and fun, but insisting also that the journey be made with an unflinching commitment to Truth. I have no idea how many other lucky people fell under her influence in such a manner. I do know that it was one of the greatest of good fortunes in my life to do so.

Like so many other people, I will dearly miss talking with and sharing time with Jehane. In her inimitable poignancy and wit however, I am reminded of what she told me just  a few weeks ago ” I am really not going any distance away”, and “I will still be right here” beside you (each of us who knew her).

Here is to the eternal memory of my dear friend, Jehane – who hasn’t gone anywhere at all!   Yasas

About Howard Dieno

I am very interested in dialectic inquiry, and in any and all avenues to enhance communication and co-operation amongst people and groups. I am in private practice as an osteopathic practitioner in Victoria, BC, Canada
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1 Response to A Dear Friend is ‘Gone’

  1. Katie Marston [Mrs] says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Jehane’s final hour, she was such a
    wonderful, wonderful, and amazing person – a great inspiration to all who new her.

    Whilst holidaying with friends in Kettlewell we arranged to visit Jehane at the
    nursing home in Ripon on Saturday 30 April at 11 am, and stayed with her until 12 midday, when she dined for lunch. We assumed the time was for goodbyes, but no…..
    Jehane said, ” I thought you had come to be with me for the day ! ”
    Thereon we decided to take time out for a short visit to the cathedral, and return to
    be with her after lunch.
    Jehane was longing to get out and about, so we offered to take her in the mobile chair for ‘a walk’. We wheel chaired around the the gardens and further into a field.
    It took about an hour. She was so happy to be outdoors looking at the trees, flowers in full bloom, birds, and fish in the pond – two cats played on the lawn….we watched them for 10 minutes. It was becoming slightly chilly so we decided to return to her
    Jehane asked my husband to read a Yorkshire poem – in a broad Yorkshire dialect
    which amused her immensely.
    We talked about Greece, and especially the island of Amorgos which she so loved, and some of her life experiences, and poetry.

    Jehane was a truely remarkable person.
    We departed at 3.30pm

    I am in the employment of an old friend of Jehane’s; Dr. Alexander E. Moulton.,CBE.
    The Hall, Bradford-on-Avon. This is how I was privileged to meet Jehane.
    I am Greek, an Athenian and Jehane was very happy to converse in Greek with me when visiting Dr. Moulton.

    I WILL remember Jehane as an exceptional person, with a great zest for life.

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