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So much has happened in the past while – which I will update on as soon as I can. For now, I want to share some useful information I have been researching, beginning to put into practice in my own life, and want to suggest to readers of this blog to check out for themselves.

For many months now I have been reading a newsletter from Dr. Joseph Mercola, an American osteopathic physician. Because I know that most people probably do not spend the time I do researching useful and reliable health tips, I would like to share the best of what I have learned over the last while.

Firstly we come to dietary measures. There is so much conflicting information on this topic that it is really hard to tell the grounded research from the slick marketing hype or even just the well-intentioned but later-seen-to-be-misdirected  information. So I always try to institute changes that look solid to me, and see what the results are in my own life before recommending them to others. Well, I am still in the pretty early stages of what I am telling you about here – but I can see that it is really working for me. I am losing weight from around my middle (not precipitously, but steadily) and I am feeling stronger and fitter.

What I am recommending is based upon what some have called the paleolithic diet – meaning that it is roughly what science has shown us to be what we ate before food crops were domesticated, and we instead had to hunt and forage for almost everything we ate. This puts heavy emphasis on saturated fats as the largest portion of our caloric intake each day. Yes, that’s right it is really counter to what we have heard for decades about the dangers of harmful fats and the risk of obesity and heart disease and many other modern ailments we have been told are associated with our “unhealthy fat” intake.Well, it certainly is true that there are unhealthy fats, but in many cases they are not what we have been told. There are many factors involved in this and I suggest you read the resources I post below for a stream-lined but necessarily comprehensive overview. For now, I want to switch to the number one Enemy to our health, collectively – Sugar. Not just refined sugar, but all those starches that very readily convert into sugars and then into fat so the energy reserves can be stored. When was the only time that paleolithic people had access to fruit on the trees? It was at harvest time,in the fall, so that they could lay down some fat stores in their bodies to help them make it through the cold winter – the time when food would be more scarce, or at least it would be much more energy demanding to acquire.

I have looked at many different books and articles on this whole approach to diet, and I think the simplest way to test the information for yourself is to give Dr. Mercola’s own three part system a trial, by going here:

I suggest going through those pages and instituting the Beginner’s Plan.
Below I have cut and pasted just the headings from Mercola’s plan, just to give an overview. You must read through the few pages to get the accompanying information in order to institute the advice.

I stress also what Dr. Mercola also says: ALWAYS LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BODY HAS TO SAY  about this or any other advice or suggested plan.


Good luck and good health on using this. I would very much like feedback from anyone who tries this – or even just comments that arise from reading this post.

About Howard Dieno

I am very interested in dialectic inquiry, and in any and all avenues to enhance communication and co-operation amongst people and groups. I am in private practice as an osteopathic practitioner in Victoria, BC, Canada
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