From Outrage to Presence

Here is my last offering for today…

Yesterday while once agian pondering what to start in on regarding my blogging, I went into a coffee shop and sat down with a bowl of soup and wrote what appears below the intro statement.

[Intro: One thing I watched in the recent US election was what happened in California about Proposition 37. That was a bill proposing that Californians should be able to require large corporations like Monsanto to label foods to indicate whether they contained any genetically altered or modified components (GMOs). Unfortunately, Monsanto and other corporate interests paid to mislead the electorate into defeating the bill. Or that is my view of it. Anyway, here is what my musings produced yesterday]:

The spirtual path is waiting in the wings, always, for the focus to shift away from the all-consuming attention on money and success. The [possible shift, is, however] further encumbered by our lifestyle being dependent on exponential growth.

There are now only a fraction of the farmers working the land in comparison to what was the case when my fore bearers kept animals and grew food crops. Now we are collectively dissuaded by expert marketers appealing to our quick-buck fixation from even demanding that the corporate replacement of small-time and honest farmers should even tell us when they genetically alter our food to make it TOXIC, INFERTILE, of LOW NUTRIENT VALUE and PATENTABLE. And, then, through blatant manipulation of our legal system, the TRUTH, and common decency, the same corporate thugs tell us that farms owned for generations by the same families – families committed to continuing to produce healthy sustainable crops which can self seed indefinitely, as they have since the beginning of agriculture. – that now, those crops, and the profits generated by steadfast commitment to principle and much honest, hard work, should be made forfeit to the multi-national corporations of MONSANTO and DUPONT and the like, because of contamination by the poisonous seeds that were modified by, and are now owned by ‘the company’. Poisonous seeds which many of the affected farmers fought very hard to ensure did NOT contaminate their crops. But through a subversion and take over of our legal process the farmer is held accountable to corporate interests unless he/she can prove that not one GMO plant is present in his/her fields – thereby showing just how pervasive the perversion of values has become in our society. But we must not fight this trend solely from a place of outrage. No, that only feeds the cycle of violence and devaluing of what is real. We MUST instead, go within to awaken the very PRESENCE WE ARE and then see what action is in SERVICE TO THAT. What do I mean by this last paragraph? You will have to wait for elaboration in a future post. For now, I will just say that we are on the brink of major global change in every major dimension of Life as we know it. I believe much of the coming changes will be very good – especially when we realise that exponential growth doesn’t work as a fundamental concept for our economy. In fact we’ll need to see a significant and pretty steady decline in both the production and consumption of goods in order to return to a more sustainable way of life on this planet.

About Howard Dieno

I am very interested in dialectic inquiry, and in any and all avenues to enhance communication and co-operation amongst people and groups. I am in private practice as an osteopathic practitioner in Victoria, BC, Canada
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