Marine Phytoplankton

While searching the Web for information on my previous post (about Bright Eyes drops) I also came across this fascinating information on the use of Marine Phytoplankton as a powerful anti-oxidant. See the short video link, below, and the other linked information I have provided here:

Here is a nicely done brochure on the available product from “Forever Green”

Click to access FrequenSeaBrochure.pdf

Again, this looks reliable and well-documented. The head of the BC Chiropractic Association is an ardent supporter of the product.

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5 Responses to Marine Phytoplankton

  1. kathy howlett says:

    Wow, that’s quite a story, remarkable.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Can you use marine phytoplankton on a cat?
    My kitty is terminal and I would like to try it.
    He 8 days ago, he had a ruptured tumor burst in his tummy. He had surgery and it doing great. But today feb. 9, 2015, Gray ( my kitty ) biopsy came back as terminal cancer.
    We could try chemo…but he is 14 and do not want to watch him suffer through this.

    I checked online for home remedys and found this marine phytoplankton.

    I would love to try this for Gray.
    Is it safe for cats? Where do I buy this?
    Thanks…please email me or text me at 2508832087.

    • howarddieno says:

      Hi Kathy,
      ‘Sorry, but I really don’t know for certain whether this phytoplankton would be safe for your kitty, or not.
      Please check with your vet. Or, alternatively, call for an opinion from Dr. Julia Harrison. Contact details, here:

      I also never did find a supplier who sells the exact product that my posting profiled.

      Best of Luck,


      • kathy howlett says:

        Thank you for replying.
        I will talk to my vet shortly as his stitches are coming out from his surgery.
        I’ve read a few stories with marine phytoplankton on pets…all seem possitive, but don’t want to Gray to suffer any side effects from it either.

        I will talk yo my vet first, also sounds like we should all take it. My dadis having problems with his diabetes etc.

        Thanks for sharing your video and glad it helped you 🙂


      • kathy howlett says:

        P.s. sell your product:)

  2. howarddieno says:

    Hello, Are you writing from the U.K.?

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