My Worldview, and its impact on my osteopathic practice

This writing is off the top of my head, in the short hour before needing to submit this as an article for the next edition of WellnessNews in Victoria, BC. I share that only because it also speaks to what I wish to share here, which, amongst other things, includes something of how my mind works.

On the latter point, I ruminate on things for days, sometimes more, aware that something is taking shape behind the scenes. I don’t really know exactly what the result will be, nor what it will look like, but I can feel its weight, its shadow, its posture, sometimes even its range of motion. Then the writing down happens in a quick flow, with very little editing or shaping at all.

So, what is surfacing this time is about the bouncing I do, between worrying about the destructive trends going on all around us, and the excitement I feel regarding very encouraging things I can feel unfolding – in myself, and in many other people and phenomena around me.

I was at the library a short while ago, where I picked up a copy of a book called, “Who Rules the Earth?”, by Paul Steinberg. You can watch a 10-minute video, summarizing that book’s message, also called Who Rules the Earth?  by the same author, here:

More on the whole project of purposefully Changing Rules can be found by clicking on the link.

All of these resources that Paul Steinberg points to demonstrate both the evidence of how far humankind has strayed from ways of being that enhance Life Itself, AND, also what is required in order to truly have an impact on how things could be done in much more respectful and gentler ways, in the wider sphere. As Steinberg says, “Recycling Is Not Enough”.

What does this have to do with my practice as an osteopath? Well, the work I do with my clients/patients encompasses two fundamental things:

1.  finding subtle means to reflect back to people’s unconscious minds the sensory information necessary to re-engage their self-healing capability, and;

2. educating those people regarding what needs to be understood, bio-mechanically, bio-energetically, and sometimes on even more subtle levels, what they can do to discern and listen to their body signals, and to make decisions more in harmony with those signals.

In other words, it is seeing what the “rules” for healthier living are (whether they are universal, and/or specific rules dictated by unique, individual circumstances), and beginning to align decisions and actions with those rules.





About Howard Dieno

I am very interested in dialectic inquiry, and in any and all avenues to enhance communication and co-operation amongst people and groups. I am in private practice as an osteopathic practitioner in Victoria, BC, Canada
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