Boron Supplementation and Arthritis

A few weeks ago I saw an article written by Ian Faulkner for the Elephant Journal on the work of Dr. Rex Newnham, and the essential role of the trace element Boron in preventing/treating arthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer. This really picqued my interest, because when I was training in London, UK, as an osteopath, over 30 years ago, I came across Dr. Newnham’s work and his “OsteoTrace” supplement. In fact, that prompted me to check through my box of supplies from my clinic over the years, and I came across an old box of “OsteoTrace”.








I won’t repeat all that Ian writes so well of (see the link, below), except to say that Dr. Newnham discovered that boron is a mineral that has been very depleted in the soils of some areas of the world – and in those same areas, the incidence of osteoarthritis is particularly high. And conversely, where soils are rich in boron, the incidence of arthritic disorders is correspondingly low. As you will see, there is much more scientific evidence than just those trends, but that communicates the gist of it.

I remember being very impressed with Dr. Newnham when I spoke to him many years ago in the earliest days of my practice as a naturopath and osteopath, regarding his supplement; and I had recommended it to many patients, whilst still practicing in the UK. But I did not find it easy to get a hold of after I left the UK in the mid 1990’s.

So, I was heartened to read of Ian Faulkner’s experience of ridding himself of quite serious arthritis symptoms by adding boron to an already developed regime he was trying. You can get all of Ian Faulkner’s suggestions for what I believe to be a sound and effective regime to treat arthritis, by following this link to Ian’s excellent article and summary of the research he did on this, here:


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